Transparency Improvements:

There is limited transparency offered to the public and seeking simple administrative information from this important public health agency is reputably difficult. Though there is information considered exempt from public disclosure, the public information that is non-exempt should be readily available, and collectively shared.  

Data Collection Improvements:

The data collection and standardization in death reporting is limited in Idaho. Gathering compelling evidence to properly address and manage mortality concerns in our state is the most effective work a coroner can do. It will take the mind of a scientific and resourceful leader to maximize the capacity of the data collection system currently in place that will best assist our state and national researchers.



HEADSHOT2018-2_o (2).jpg

Nikole O'Neal

2018 Republican Nominee Ada County Coroner

Strengthen Partnerships:

Universities/medical schools, Organ/tissue donation organizations, the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners (IACME) and the Idaho Bureau of Health Statistics are just some of the important partnerships the Ada Coroner’s office need to further develop and improve upon to extend benefits to the citizens.   

Advance Laboratory Operations:

A variety of laboratory testing needs can be performed in-house by qualified staff, which will effectively reduce pending case load times. Properly allocating resources as such will benefit grieving families often left lingering for test results for many weeks. My goal is to ultimately bring closure sooner.